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C# und Delegaten, Func, Action, Predicate

Was sind Delegates? Beispiel:public delegate string MeinDelegateName(string s); Ein Delegate deklariert einen Datentyp (hier MeinDelegateName) anhand einer Funktionssignatur. Eine Funktionssignatur, welche den Aufbau einer Funktion darstellt, sieht folgendermaßen aus: Rückgabewert DelegateName (Argumente) Diesem Datentyp kann nun eine oder mehrere (siehe … Weiterlesen

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VBA: Check if string StartsWith / StartWith or EndsWith / EndWith

Problem Visual Basic for application does not have function to test, whether a string starts with or ends with another string like it is included in the .NET Framework Approach Those function can easily created by using the existing string … Weiterlesen

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How to add CMDER (Console Emulation) on right-click to the context menu of the Windows Explorer

Problem You want to see an entry that opens cmder.exe in Windows Explorer at the location where you use it. Approach Create or download the Windows registry key that enables to open CMDER on right-click with the parameters of the … Weiterlesen

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Visual Studio 2013 : Show folders with *.cs files in the solution explorer after they suddenly disappeared / hidden

Problem Sometimes it happens, that you have created folders in Visual Studio for your application and had put some *.cs C# Source Code files that suddenly disappeard in the solution explorer. Analysis I.e. that can happen when you have forgotten … Weiterlesen

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Visual Studio 2013 .NET WPF : Where do i get / can i find the WPF Ribbon Control?

Problem According to the .NET documentation the Ribbon Control should be available since WPF 4.5, what means is available since .NET Framework 4.5 . But you can not find it? Are you even thinking about the download of the Ribbon … Weiterlesen

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.NET WPF : XAML locations to place and change WPF Styles

Intention Like in HTML/CSS there are different source code locations where it is possible to apply appearance styles to WPF controls. In this article i want to make a really short summary of those points. Approach The following examples are … Weiterlesen

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C# .NET : Collections im .NET Framework

Intention Eines der wichtigsten .NET Elemente zum Verwalten vom Datenbeständen im Speicher sind Collections (Auflistungen). Im Vergleich zu normalen Array-Typen bieten diese die Möglichkeit zur Laufzeit Objekte hinzuzufügen, ohne vorher die Größe/die Anzahl der Objekte in der Collection zu kennen. … Weiterlesen

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Microsoft SQL Server: How-to realize a SQL Statement that only returns the maximum or the minimum rows of a group (similar to an non-existing aggregate function for the GROUP BY clause)

Actual situation A change request (field „pcr“) only can have one unique assigned user that shall be informed about the assignment every night. The assigned user (field „created_by“) of a change requests (field „pcr“) is changing several times a day. … Weiterlesen

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Python: Getting started with Python

Intention Since JAVA has been overtaken by Oracle, it can’t be mistaken to get skilled with the basic concepts of Python. So this is my short Getting Started tutorial with my personal conclusion. Instead of getting annoyed about the glorification … Weiterlesen

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3 ways to create javascript popup boxes

Problem Sometimes it is eligible to have a way to easily create a browser prompt / confirm dialog / Textinput without defining a Popup DIV and catch those inputs. Premise The code thread will be interrupted and a modal browser … Weiterlesen

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