Paw PATROL SONG PARODY (Pub Patrol) and Tutorial How to play the Paw Patrol Theme on guitar, bass and drums / Paw Patrol Song Parodie und Wie man das Paw Patrol Lied auf Instrumenten (Gitarre, Bass, Schlagzeug) spielt


Paw Patrol Theme Parody (Pub Patrol) / Titellied: Paw Patrol / Guitar, Bass, Drums cover

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Parody lyrics / Text der Parodie

Pub Patrol (Paw Patrol Theme Satire)

Pub Patrol, Pub Patrol
We're drinking here some doubles

Whenever there is trouble
on barley malt bay 
Ryder's with his team in pubs
and drinking the whole day

Guinness, Miller, Bud, Stella, Busch, Coors 
Yeah! It's on the way! 

Pub Patrol, Pub Patrol
Whenever you need doubles
Pub Patrol, Pub Patrol
We're drinking here some couples 

No beer's too big 
No thirst('s) is too small 
Pub Patrol, we're on a roll!
So here we go
Pub Patrol
Pub Patrol
Pub Patrol