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Microsoft SQL Server: How-to realize a SQL Statement that only returns the maximum or the minimum rows of a group (similar to an non-existing aggregate function for the GROUP BY clause)

Actual situation A change request (field „pcr“) only can have one unique assigned user that shall be informed about the assignment every night. The assigned user (field „created_by“) of a change requests (field „pcr“) is changing several times a day. … Weiterlesen

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Python: Getting started with Python

Intention Since JAVA has been overtaken by Oracle, it can’t be mistaken to get skilled with the basic concepts of Python. So this is my short Getting Started tutorial with my personal conclusion. Instead of getting annoyed about the glorification … Weiterlesen

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C# .NET : Create standard Unit Test Project and run a MsTest Unit Test Project with Standard Visual Studio Integration using Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.UnitTestFramework

Intention Testing makes me happy 🙂 … There are 4 common Unit Test Frameworks available as NuGet-Packages: MsTest (Standard when creating a normal test project under VS2013) MsTest v2 NUnit xUnit This short instruction shows how to set up the … Weiterlesen

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C# .NET: Run C# code in your browser

Problem C# code shall be executed in the wordpress. Aproach can be used to run C# Code. Solution

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IBM Doors DXL: Call REST Services / REST-Services aufrufen

Problem Von Doors aus sollen REST Services aufgerufen werden. REST Services shall be called within a DXL Script in IBM Doors Approach – Ansatz Usage of OLE Automization Solution – Lösung

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Steinberg Cubase 10 Pro: Akkustisches Feedback bei VariAudio funktioniert nicht

Problem Das akkustische Feebback bei VariAudio scheint nicht mehr zu funktionieren. Trotz mehrfachem Ein- und Ausschaltens der Monitor/Abhörfunktion oder der Aufnahmefunktion kann kein Feedback wahrgenommen werden. Ursache Während des normale Workflow zum Bearbeiten von Projektinhalten wurde versehentlich der Control-Room eingeschaltet. … Weiterlesen

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