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IBM Doors DXL: Send email via Doors Client


Emails should be send via DXL script.


The Doors Client should have access to a SMTP Server on it’s configured port (normally 25)

Right-click the doors database icon in the database explorer and make the following setttings:


string smtpServer = getDatabaseMailServer();
string smtpFrom = "Superman";
string smtpFrom2 = getDatabaseMailServerAccount();
string smtpTo = "";
string smtpSubject = "test";
string smtpMessage = "this is a test";

print "Mail Server Name: " smtpServer "\n";
print "Mail from account: " smtpFrom2 "\n\n";
bool b = sendEMailNotification(smtpFrom, smtpTo, smtpSubject, smtpMessage);

if (b) {
   print "Message sent\n";
} else {
   print "Could not send message.\n";