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IBM Doors DXL: Helpful Trigger Functions for persistent Triggers to block a module

Problem The modification (Edit Mode / Edit Share) of a module shall be prevented. Das Editieren eine Doors Modules (Edit Mode / Share Mode) soll verhindert werden. Approach Defining a library and using the existence of a trigger as condition … Weiterlesen

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IBM Doors DXL: List all Triggers of a formal module

Problem Some Triggers have been defined on a module and the names should be listed. Approach Defining a variable from Type Trigger as cursor allows us to get each trigger on the current module. Solution

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C#.NET Windows Forms: Allow only numbers and decimals in TextBox

Problem A Textbox should only allow numbers and decimals Approach Using the Keypress method will validate on each key that is entered. Call the code below onKeyPress Event of each Textbox with validateNumber(sender, e); after each Solution

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Kerberos Authentication using Firefox

Problem A website which is using Kerberos Authentication should be accessed Approach Modification of the internal browser settings. Solution 1.) Open Firefox 2.) Type about:config to the URL 3.) Search for the String „trusted“ 4.) in network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris double click and … Weiterlesen

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