VBA: Check if string StartsWith / StartWith or EndsWith / EndWith


Visual Basic for application does not have function to test, whether a string starts with or ends with another string like it is included in the .NET Framework


Those function can easily created by using the existing string functions


The following code can be pasted to a VBA project:

Public Function EndsWith(str As String, ending As String) As Boolean
     Dim endingLen As Integer
     endingLen = Len(ending)
     EndsWith = (Right(Trim(UCase(str)), endingLen) = UCase(ending))
End Function

Public Function StartsWith(str As String, start As String) As Boolean
     Dim startLen As Integer
     startLen = Len(start)
     StartsWith = (Left(Trim(UCase(str)), startLen) = UCase(start))
End Function

Example usage:

If StartsWith(„My string has something in it“, „My string“) Then Msg Box „It is in it!“
If EndsWith(„My string has something in it“, „in it“) Then Msg Box „It is in it!“

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