C# .NET : Create standard Unit Test Project and run a MsTest Unit Test Project with Standard Visual Studio Integration using Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.UnitTestFramework


Testing makes me happy 🙂 …

There are 4 common Unit Test Frameworks available as NuGet-Packages:

  • MsTest (Standard when creating a normal test project under VS2013)
  • MsTest v2
  • NUnit
  • xUnit

This short instruction shows how to set up the integrated standard Unit Test Framework without installing packages.


  • Right-click solution explorer and choose Add -> New Project
  • Under Visual C# choose Test -> Unit Test Project, change your name and click „ok“ on the lower right
  • Write Assert.isTrue(true); to have a passing test for test 🙂
  • In the Visual Studio 2013 main menu choose „Test -> Window -> Test explorer“ (this is the part i was searching for a while -> How to start the tests)
  • After adding the Test-Explorer choose „Run All“ to run the Unit Test.

Please Note: If you want to test another project with the test project, you have to Add a reference to it by right-clicking references -> Add…


Testing makes you happy 🙂

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