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C#.NET + MS SQL Server : Nach INSERT direkt die Auto-Increment ID erhalten ohne zweite Abfrage

Problem Um die Auto-Increment ID zu erhalten werden desöfteren 2 Statements abgesetzt, obwohl das INSERT-Statement direkt die Auto-Increment ID zurückgeben kann Ansatz – Approach Anstelle von comm.ExecuteNonQuery() sollte man lieber comm.ExecuteScalar() mit SELECT SCOPE_IDENTITY() kombinieren. Lösung – Solution

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Javascript: Read URL GET Parameter from the browsers address bar that have been passed / commited

Problem A javascript should read the browsers address bar to get GET Üarameters that have been appended to the adress bar. Approach – Ansatz Usage of decodeURIComponent Solution You can call now the script like this: http://webseite.html?map=Test

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Intersector for Instagram: Which persons do I follow that aren’t following me back?

Hi! I wanted to write a simple DIFF Tool, that shows the intersection of my followers and people who i am following. But after reading Instagrams review conditions it seems like to me, they are only giving support for companies. … Weiterlesen

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WordPress Plugin: Supported Languages of SyntaxHighlighter Evolved

Problem It is unknown which [LANGUAGE][/LANGUAGE]-Tags are supported by the wordpress syntax highnlighting plugin. Lösung – Solution actionscript3 bash clojure coldfusion cpp csharp css delphi diff erlang fsharp go groovy html java javafx javascript latex (you can also render LaTeX) … Weiterlesen

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MS SQL Server: Last Index Of / lastIndexOf / Get last Index Of

Problem There is no SQL Function to get the last index of a string. Ansatz – Approach The first two lines only declare a variable myString with content SER-SOP-12 to Test the combined SQL Functions. The SELECT-Clause returns the lastIndex … Weiterlesen

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CSS: Vertical alignment of HTML elements in horizontal DIV

Problem Mehrere Element in einem DIV-Container sollen horizontal zentriert werden. Ansatz – Approach Usage of FLEX Container (HTML Standard) Lösung – Solution DIV Declaration: CSS Class:

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